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A Holistic approach to total health and wellness. ~ Resilience Integrative Services

Family Services

Resilience is a process by which an individual demonstrates the capacity to cope with stress, trauma, and adversity. At Resilience Integrative Services (RIS) we approach individuals with the belief that everyone has positive strengths and qualities. We help individuals build-upon their strengths by learning healthier ways of coping, communicating, and resolving issues.  We help our clients change their focus from what they can’t do to what they can do, shifting the emphasis from instability to empowerment. Through this process we facilitate the repair of parent-child and couples relationships as well as work towards periods of transition or adjustment. We assist parents with learning the skills they need in order to act in ways that are in the best interest of their children.

At RIS we provide (2) types of supervised visitation.  Either service is always provided by a Mental Health Professional who has experience in the dynamics of human behavior and can assess and secure healthy positive interactions during visitations. Regular supervised visits are monitored.  Therapeutic Supervised Visitations involve a combination of structured activities and unstructured visitation time facilitated by a Therapist. The Therapist utilizes the visitation time to do parent coaching and facilitate healing relationships between parent-child.


Our goal at RIS is to facilitate healthy family structures and create resilience in individuals so they can interact better with their children, family, and their environment in general.  It is our belief that the experience of adversity and the many challenges that life brings provides a window of opportunity to initiate a healing process, a context for change. We walk this path, building strength, one step at a time, together.


Sliding Scale Fees Available



Intake Assessment      (50-60 minutes)                              69.00

Initial Treatment Plan    (45 - 50 minutes)                        69.00                                           

Individual Therapy    (45 - 50 minutes)                              69.00

Family Therapy         (50 - 60 minutes)                              78.00

Child & Parent Therapy (60 minutes)                              78.00

Child Therapy  (45-50 minutes)                                         78.00

Group Therapy         (1.5 hours)                                          30.00

 *Domestic Violence

 *Survivors of Sexual Abuse

 *Substance Abuse

 *Anger Management

 *Building Resiliency

 * Children 


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