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Employee Assistance Program

A significant amount of employees, at some point, will experience workplace problems severe enough to affect their job performance, workplace relationships, and/or personal relationships. Likewise a myriad of personal issues, if left unaddressed, will eventually affect an employee’s job performance.

Having the benefit of an Employee Assistance Program will give employers and their employees an opportunity to be proactive and avoid problems in the workplace and in their personal lives. An EAP provides an employer and its employees a variety of services including counseling, critical incident interventions (both on and off-site), trainings, referral services, and presentations at health and wellness fairs.  It gives the employers and employees opportunity to have access to assistance at the tip of their finger.

 A good Employee Assistance Program benefits employees, their families, and the workplace.  Here are some ways an EAP can work for your organization:

      EAPs provide consultation and training to Managers and Supervisors trying to work with employees who are having job-performance problems

      EAPs provide confidential assessment, short-term counseling, trainings, and referral services to employees and their families.

      EAPs help employees solve problems before they become an issue in the workplace.

      EAPs work with a referred employee to resolve problems affecting his or her job performance through short-term counseling or other interventions.

      EAPs work with an employee to coordinate services through their health insurance benefits when longer term services are needed.

      EAPs help the organization identify the impact EAP services have had on work and on improved job performance by utilizing a pre-test, post-test survey.

      EAPs help employers boost morale amongst employees through the provision of an EAP by an employer.  Employees tend to feel like their Employer is invested in their health and wellness, because this benefit is being provided by the organization.

      When there is a critical incident, an Employer does not have to think twice about who to call for assistance with the repercussions of the incident. The Employer can feel secure in knowing that they have qualified professionals experienced in responding to critical incidents and can assist with their needs in this area.

      An Employer and the EAP can work together collaboratively to create a positive work environment conducive to productivity, positive work relationships/interactions, and job satisfaction.


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