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Gloria J. Becker, MSW

Holistic Team Member


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Gloria J. Becker, MSW

Provisional Social Work MSW

Services Provided for Resilience Integrative Service: Business Administration & Psychoeducational Classes

Jina received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico in 2005 and a Masters Degree in Social Work from New Mexico State University in 2010. Jina has worked in the following areas: addictions, trauma and domestic violence, anger management, relationship issues, grief, pedophilia, court ordered individuals, and spiritual abuse. Jina enjoys each of these populations and believes life long change is possible regardless of the circumstances. 

Jina has said to be "fair, compassionate, open and easy to talk to, and holds you accountable."

Her goal is to assist people through her work in the helping profession she continues to be committed to working in. Jina is invested in helping people change their lives. She enjoys the behavioral health field and is often researching the latest material to be more effective.

Jina’s own life has not been easy, and while she does not talk about that in her work she believes her recovery is of great help in assisting people get past their painful and difficult circumstances.  Jina has been assisted and guided herself in her recovery and believes in “paying it forward”.

She enjoys working with other professionals whose expertise and perspective she can learn from, gaining direction in helping others. Jina believes it is important to be part of a Team and has much to offer any team of professionals she works with.

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