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Gregory Smith, MS, LMT

Santa Fe Location


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My name is Gregory Smith, MS, LMT, and I have had a lifelong fascination with some of the big questions in life. With a doctor for a father, and a biochemist for a mother, I naturally developed an early interest in biology. I have also been curious about how things work, and the ways in which many seemingly separate pieces create a whole.

After receiving degrees in biology and oceanography, I went to work in the marine industry. During that time, I began my personal journey of healing and personal growth. I learned the importance of being present and occupied in the physical body (embodied), and how it allowed me to make fundamental changes that improved my life. Four years ago, I left my marine career and enrolled in massage school. I now enjoy working as a massage therapist, where I utilize my ability to become present and embodied in order to provide an excellent massage experience. I also work with others who are interested in holistic healing and making their lives better. This is done through work called Presence in Healing. In this work, I use presence, touch, enhanced awareness, expanded consciousness and personal experience in order to help clients manifest their wish/intention. I’m honored to be able to help others in this way, and enjoy meeting new clients.

My personal journey has brought me to place where life is much more enjoyable, and I look forward to new adventures and discoveries.