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Rita Abeyta

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Rita Maria Abeyta not only practices Meditation in her daily life, but she also has attended numerous trainings.  “Meditation has changed my life.  I love it.  I don’t go one day without meditating!”  Rita discovered and tried meditation when she was going through a rough time.  Desperate to find a solution she tried meditation, felt it to be extremely helpful and healing, and has been hooked ever since!

Rita has used meditation to relax, assist with sleeping, attain calmness, and experience overall wellbeing.She swears by its effectiveness and how its improved the quality of life of those around her and herself. Rita is TRULY passionate about teaching others meditation, starting where they’re at in their practice of meditation.  She has a gifted sense of determining where to start with a person depending on their history and experience with meditation.

One of the unique things Rita does for Resilience, and independently is she creates a customized meditation for someone that utilizes their name.  Her desire is to introduce meditation in fun, relaxing ways so you can improve the quality of your life, experience how enjoyable it can be, and thus be more willing to practice this effective means of addressing your mental, physical, and emotional health!

Areas of Meditative Training/Experience include:  General Meditation, Meditation & Mindfulness, Learning to Meditate including Practicing Breathing, and Transcending Pain, and Healing Anxiety.