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Monica Martinez

Holistic Team Member


Other information

Monica Martinez is a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner, Certified SoundBath Practitioner, and a Certified Curandera 

Monica started her Holistic journey 11 years ago after going from Doctor to Specialist to Centers of Excellence and spending thousands of dollars she was told she had Fibromyalgia, a nervous system disorder with no cure.  After researching and finding that some people had found relief with Yoga, she started her Yoga journey.  Monica after experiencing the powerful healing of holistic medicine sought certifications in several holistic modalities. Her goal is to show others how to use the gifts that they already have within themselves to heal wounds and create a more peaceful and purposeful life. Monica believes that everyone has the power within to heal themselves and sometimes just need an opportunity to receive help and the necessary guidance by a skilled but caring practitioner to assist them.