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Raquel Gallucci

Holistic Team Member


Other information

Raquel has a bachelor’s degrees in criminology, psychology, and nursing. She currently works as a full time nurse, and is Resilience's first Nurse who's dually certified as a Holistic Practitioner, specifically Reiki 1 and 2. Raquel will be assisting with our program for First Responders and Healthcare Workers "Rise~n~Flow".

Becoming a Nurse has truly opened Raquel's mind to see just how much power we hold within ourselves to be as healthy as we can be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Working in this field has tremendously grown her passion to learn more about holistic care for individuals and has sparked her learning interest in alternative medicine and therapies to heal the body from the inside out. Not only has her professional background led to an interest in holistic care, but Raquel herself has personally experienced holistic modalities to address her health and wellness needs as well. She is a true believer in self-improvement and therefore has consistently gone to counseling for the last 11 years. Raquel is open to trying whatever mechanisms and modalities that will help her reach optimal health.

She has gone through a newer modality created by the owner of Resilience Integrative, TrauSoma. She found her experiences with this modality to be amazing and enormously healing and beneficial. All of these experiences have led to her love of holistic healing and have started her on a new journey of initially being a student at Shifting Perspectives Training Institute and now as a result, a Practitioner at Resilience Integrative. This accomplishment has put Raquel on a path expanding the services she has to offer people and the skills in her healthcare toolbox.