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Training Title:  Organizational Goal Setting

      Description: Oftentimes a person can feel unmotivated and give up before

      they even start a task. Feeling like you’re getting nowhere can be

      disappointing and discouraging in itself.  Start the New Year off with

      examining goals you’d like to achieve this year.  Learn how to set up a plan

      that helps you get to where you want to be.


Training Title:  Stress Management

      Description: Learn how to define and identify stress in your life.  What are

      the ways you currently manage your stress? Learn new techniques and how

      to balance managing your stress physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Training Title:  Depression and Anxiety - Symptoms & Management

      Description:  Most people do not understand how much of an impact

      Depression and Anxiety have and how they manifest in various parts of your

      life. Either condition affect a persons’ thoughts, perceptions, and day to day

      interactions.  Explore Depression & Anxiety as defined and stretch your

      understanding of what they are and how either might be affecting you or

      someone you love.


Training Title: The Effects of Compulsive Behavior

      Description:  We live in a society that encourages dependency and

      compulsivity.  Whether it’s substances, shopping, food, and even exercise,

      behaving compulsively is an indicator of other issues.  Examine and explore

      dependencies and compulsions that keep you from reaching your full

      potential in life.


Training Title: Identifying and Managing Trauma

      Description:  Trauma is an occurrence in the lives of many that oftentimes

      goes unrecognized.  It has a significant impact on how people cope with

      things and interact with the world around them both in the workplace and at

      home.  Major and subtle things can reactivate a person’s experience with

      trauma, including job duties that have elements that can trigger reactions

      from a previous trauma.  Learn more about this condition that often is not

      seen or validated as contributing to a person’s behavior.


Training Title:  Grief and Bereavement

      Description: Society recognizes grief as a short term process.  This is not

      realistic.  Grief is not only experienced through death.  There are different life

      experiences that will evoke a grieving process.  Unresolved grief can cause

      significant problems for the person experiencing it.  Learn about the stages

      of Grief, the process that follows a loss,  and how this human condition

      affects you and those you love.


Training Title:  The Impact of Divorce at Home and Work

      Description:  Although frequent in occurrence, divorce is always something

      difficulty for someone to get over.  The way people cope with the experience

      makes all the difference in how divorce will impact their future and the lives of

      the children involved.  Explore various issues that result from divorce and

      learn effective ways to cope.


Training Title:  Job Burnout - Identification & How To Cope

      Description:  We have all experienced job burnout at one time or another. 

      Learn what the signs and symptoms of burnout are and effective ways to not

      just calm the symptoms but to address the problem.

      Managerial Training Component will teach Supervisors and Managers how

      to effectively help their employees deal with this issue.  Content will include

      that from the regular training and an opportunity to address specific

      workplace situations.


Training Title:  Dealing With Difficult People In The Workplace

      Description: Because people thru work are around each other regularly, the

      workplace oftentimes becomes like a family.  Problems arise when the

      “family” is dysfunctional and individuals do not know how to deal with the

      issues effectively.  Learn how interpersonal situations affect the workplace

      and how to deal with things effectively so that the impact on you is


      Managerial Training Component will focus on supervising problematic

      employees effectively and looking beyond simply using corrective action as a

      method for addressing issues.  Content from the regular training will be

      included in addition to having an opportunity to address specific situations.


Training Title:  Stretching The Dollar $$ - Basic Budgeting

      Description: With the economy it’s become ever important to manage

      finances efficiently.  Often people don’t grow up learning even the basics of

      budgeting.  Come explore basic budgeting strategies that might help you feel

      like you have more financial control.


Training Title:  Conflict Ready & Conflict Competent 

      Description: Learn and practice better ways of coping with problems.  It’s

      not only what happens in people’s lives that presents difficulty but also how a

      person handles these things.  Learn the difference between Reacting and

      Responding and how you can feel better prepared for life’s challenges.

      Managerial Training Component will include content from the regular

      training in addition to information to be used in helping employees use

      effective problem solving on the job.  Explore some conditions that might be

      hindering your employees ability to solve problems more effectively such as

      having learning disabilities.


Training Title:  Making A Shift To Effective Communication 

      Description: Oftentimes when it comes to communication, people forget

      the spoken word is not all there is to communication that‘s going to be

      productive. The other significant ingredient in effective communication is

      Active Listening.  Learn how to create opportunities for communication that

      are more likely to result in a win-win situation for all involved.

      Managerial Training Component will include content from the regular

      training in addition to looking at workplace communication. Problematic

      employees usually have difficulty communicating.  It is a breakdown in

      communication that can further the problem.  An emphasis will be placed on

      examining strategies that can assist the communication in the best way

      possible to create effective interactions.


Training Title:  Nutrition

      Description: Peoples’ knowledge about nutrition varies.  Some don’t even

      know where to get started in addressing this aspect of their lives.  Examine

      personal knowledge of this important subject and how it effects the balance it

      takes for you to be happy and healthy.


Training Title:  The Basics of Exercise

      Description: Discuss specific ways to start your body moving and how it

      effects your well being.  Examine setting goals that are realistic and  

      achievable.  Review different methods of exercise and what kind might be   

      best suited for you.


Training Title: Into. To Total Health & Wellness

      Description: Look at ways to practice self-care that encompass aspects of

      your total self.  How can you create a plan for self-care that will provide

      balance so that your optimal health can be achieved.


Training Title: Time Management & Organization

     Procrastination and disorganization contribute to stress.  Learn strategies to

     better manage your time and get a handle on organizing your life. Identify

     obstacles to your life running as smoothly as you’d like when it comes to

     these (2) challenging areas.

     Managerial Training Component will include content from regular training in

     addition to how this issue presents itself specifically in the workplace.

     Strategies of how a supervisor or manager can respond to employees having

     issues with either time management or organization will be discussed.

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