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Pregnancy Loss

There's nothing more devastating than having your baby die, especially before they even get to experience life. Did you know that one in four pregnancies results in loss and one in 164 pregnancies end in stillbirth?

Mothers, Fathers and family member that have experienced pregnancy loss often have common conditions experienced including: depression, guilt, anxiety, shame, and the never ending question, "why did this happen me?" Elaine provides alternative healing methods to help moms and families remove the negative emotions  and grief experienced after pregnancy loss or infertility.

Using Kinesiology a/k/a muscle testing, Elaine will determine the priority, in this case, the primary emotion that the body wants to release, then using one of several different emotional release modalities we release the trapped emotion. The emotional release basically disassociates the emotional charge from the traumatic event. You won't lose the memory of this event, however, you will be able to recall the experience and not feel the same pain and sadness that it once evoked. This is important because the moms worked on do not want to ever forget the events surrounding their babies that have passed.

Elaine integrates the use of emotional release techniques, Reiki, Essential Oils, Dinshah Color Remedies, Bach Flower Essences and Solfeggio Sound Frequencies, and other modalities in her sessions. 

Are you ready for a profound, life changing experience?  If so, contact Elaine for an appointment today - 505-977-3112

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