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Taking EAP To A Whole New Level Where Traditional & Holistic Merge Together

A significant amount of employees, at some point, will experience workplace problems severe enough to affect their job performance, workplace relationships, and/or personal relationships. Likewise a myriad of personal issues, if left unaddressed, will eventually affect an employee's job performance.

Having the benefit of an Employee Assistant Program will give employers and their employees an opportunity to be proactive and avoid problems in the workplace and their personal lives. An EAP provides an employer and its employees a variety of services including counseling, critical incident interventions (both on and off-site), trainings, referral services, and presentations at health and wellness fairs. It gives the employers and employees opportunity to have access to assistance at the tip of their finger.

Our EAP is unique in that we offer all the services included in a traditional EAP in addition to a wide variety of Holistic Health services and more. This gives your employees even more options to choose from that will enhance their health and well being. We can meet with you and do a Strategic Assessment of what the specific needs of your company are. Then we put together a package that can not only meet your needs but is affordable for your budget as well. See our List of Services and Service Descriptions for more information.

EAP Menu of Services
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