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Yoga - (Price Individual $70 one hour; Class $20 one hour An ancient art linking postures and movements with breath. First Responders do maladaptive things with their breathing during calls and in the course of their work and personal lives. Yoga can be extremely helpful in helping the body relax when experiencing high levels of stress through the use of the breath work that comes with yoga practice. The yoga instructor will discuss options that will be tailored to meet your individual needs with the main goals of relaxation, inner peace, improvement in health, and stress reduction mentally, physically, and emotionally. Yoga can be done individually as well in order to target specific mental, physical, and emotional issues for the individual person to work on.  

Individual yoga can be combined with other modalities like Sound Healing for an extra, but discounted rate. Please inquire for more information.

Call us at 505-977-3112 or Email Us to get started!

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