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TrauSoma - (Price: $130 for one hour) A powerful holistic modality which assists with specific traumas being laser targeted, directed, and cleared from the body down to the cellular level. This allows the body to move energy that has been stagnant and possibly causing disease and discomfort mentally, physically, and emotionally. Often clients report significant, life changing improvements after even one or two sessions. This modality is done in collaboration with a mental health professional who is familiar with the client’s needs, history, and overall goals. If one doesn’t have a counselor, we have a very skilled team from which to choose. A holistic practitioner who has mental health training (which many of our practitioners do) can also perform this modality.

Master Practitioner: Price $150.00 One Hour by creator of TrauSoma, Mary Baca

Call us at 505-977-3112 or Email Us to get started!

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