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Meditation - (Price: $40 for 30 minutes $75 for one hour). Spend some time with a Practitioner who will lead you through a guided meditation starting with establishing a baseline of where you’re at with meditation, understanding of this powerful modality, explore different types of meditation, and then utilize a holistic technique to identify which meditation is best for you. Thereafter, the Practitioner will support and guide you through the meditation identified and provide you with resources to take home. Meditation leads to a sense of deep relaxation and feelings of peace. There are various ways to meditate, and many are hesitant to try meditation because they feel their mind has too much difficulty quieting down. Many people experience a “busy mind” on a daily basis because life is very busy, or the person has anxiety issues. Meditation, however, doesn’t have to be an hour long practice. ANY number of minutes is going to be more beneficial than none. You can also focus on your breathing during meditation while playing relaxing music. This focus on your breathing will help quiet your mind. This practice can be done on a chair, in the seat of your unit/rig/emergency vehicle or on a yoga mat or in bed.
The breathing that goes along with meditation can be carried into the field and during responding to a call which then will lead to less time spent in panic and hyper-alert mode for the autonomic nervous system. “Combat Breathing” (4x4x4) has been used in the military and by police officers who regulate their breathing so that their body can better respond physiologically during and after a call. It also helps you get control over your breathing which then positively impacts the rest of your bodily functions.

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