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Lisa Enkoff

Lisa Enkoff

My Story

Who is Lisa?  A lover of all that is, mother, healer, mystic, and dreamer.  Lisa has walked many different paths in life, including the academic and corporate worlds.  One thing has been consistent throughout her life - the ability to hear and communicate intuitively with animals.  Lisa's specialty is sharing the specific soul messages animals have for their human companions, so as to guide their beloved humans along their souls paths. She offers animal communication sessions in-person or remotely, and incorporate other modalities to support your animal companion(s) and you as needed.  

Other modalities Lisa is trained in and offers include light code activations, Inner-Speak soul transformation sessions, Reiki, and H.E.A.L. Dowsing sessions featuring therapeutic essential oils. She is certified in Reiki Levels I and II, Inner-Speak, and Kundalini Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga.  Lisa also offers healing sessions using an electromagnetic field mat made for humans and horses.

Lisa joined the Resilience Wellness Team in 2023 and offers Reiki and Animal Communications through Resilience Integrative. The public can purchase a session with her for these services, and/or the other services listed which can be purchased separately. 

Contact me through for more information! I'd love to talk to you and see what services would best suit your needs!

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