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Finding Your Inner-Hero

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

July 24, 2022

These days there are national high levels of heat. Heat can definitely be detrimental to your life. It can also be symbolic. What do you do when you feel the heat in life? Do you avoid? Do you overcompensate? Do you acknowledge what's going on? Too many times people avoid what ever is going on. People in general do not like to be uncomfortable, hence the avoidance. THIS method does not work. What ever you are avoiding will absolutely sit and wait for you days, weeks, and even years. People avoid because they don't have coping mechanisms so they wind up feeling confused as to what they can do to handle their circumstances. There of course are always several things you can do. What you definitely want to avoid is doing NOTHING!! Doing nothing will only invite more of the same, difficult situations. You see things will snowball and gather more of the same until you stop that snowball, pick it up, and finally deal with it. If you need help, let us know. We have Counselors AND Coaches to help. We will help you find your inner superhero by clearing limiting beliefs and other issues as well as teaching you the skills you need to make the changes you want!! We work in person locally OR online!

~ Mary Baca, Owner of Resilience Integrative Services

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